Saturday, May 12, 2007


I was in PetSmart yesterday and they now have postage paid mailers to send in your old printer cartridges and/or cell phones for recycling and they send whatever money it brings in to homeless shelters for dog and cats. You might want to let your readers know about this.
The reason we were in Petsmart was a phone call to me from Wild Thing. She pointed out that she had gone into the store to get cat food. (We were running low apparently--only two 20 lb. bags and 29 cans left.) And while she was there she noted that Animal Humane had a bunch of cats up for adoption. And guess what? She was looking at cats in cages (very traumatic). And when she looked in this one cat came right up to her and meowed and rubbed against her fingers. And would I come down and have a look? And she'd wait 'til I got there. And that was because I might like to see if we could give the cat a home.
Now, Wild and I have been together a long time. I learned long ago that every husband needed to have only two phrases in his vocabulary to insure domestic tranquillity: 1) Yes Dear, 2) No Dear. And the ability to know when to use each one.
Soooo, we have a new member of our household. She's two years or so, certainly beautiful in my eyes, and separated from the rest of the menagerie while they learn she is not an interloper. Picture posing will come later when she and the others have adjusted to each other.

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