Friday, May 11, 2007


I found an interesting blog with all kinds of information (about many different things). Don't let the first page put you off, 'cause there are many other pages that can help you in maintaining your computer, your life and your sanity.
Apparently Mike is ready for a cat fight at any time, but it's all in fun. And like all of us, he has issues with our Government, or lack thereof. And no problem in saying so. (Fractured English is allowed here.) Have a look. The wealth of information is worth a visit and some time spent there.


Lin said...

This here Ludd couldn't find the link you mentioned. Sigh!!!

Loved the multi black cat photo! When I read that black cats were so hard to adopt out to normal people (as opposed to Halloween sickos), I almost decided to call our place the Black Cat Ranch and adopt every one of them that found themselves homeless. I might still.

Catmoves said...

Hey Lin. You're not a Ludd. After all, he wanted to smash every machine. And I can see you still have your computer.
The link is in the post title. Just click it.
Pretty snazzy, eh?
One of the best cats who ever owned me was all black. She was the only cat I have ever seen that could do a back flip. She seemed to relish showing off.

YesBut said...

How cruel making my brain work on a Monday morning, trying to find the link.
But it was well worth the effort.
There are million upon million of blogs out there. Each blogger thinks their blog is worth reading, regrettably few are of universal interest. So when one is brought to my attention, I have to say thanks. But today has been a good day, with the discovery of two new worth reading blogs (I count your three blogs as 1).
Keep up the good work.
Best wishes

Catmoves said...

Sorry Yesbut. I didn't really think you'd get brain strain. Your biting commentaries are a must read for me.
Thank you for your kind words.