Thursday, May 10, 2007


"Early this year, the Citizenship and Immigration Service announced a set of fee increases that averaged more than 80 percent. Under their plan, the cost of becoming a citizen, for example, would jump to $595 from $330."
In fact, you might have a look around the CIS pages (yeah, Google works on that). There's a lot of things I didn't know about there. I believe that if you are foreign born and have Master's (or better) degree, you can buy your way in to the U.S. in 15 days or less for $1,000.
There are lots and lots of ways to get into this country legally. Of course, I looked at the web pages in English. I have no idea if the pages are available in any other language.
I have the good fortune of being acquainted with a couple of physicians and nurses at our University Hospital. (That's the hospital that treats you if you are low income, a poor senior citizen or simply can't afford the high cost of all the tests doctors want you to have now.)
When I inquired about the costs associated with treating illegal aliens, the common answer seemed to be a rolling of the eyes and an expression of aversion on their faces. The thread that ran through all of their responses was "millions, millions".
What brought all this about to be put in the blog? Well, last night I was watching TV (resting my banged up knuckle--it's doing better, thank you) and one of the news channels was pointing out that in El Paso (Texas) the border crossing there had put in a walk lane strictly for children from Mexico to come to schools in Texas. Pictures and all. Lots of kids walking across the border. All they needed was a utility bill with an El Paso address on it to be given the ok.
It seems that in Texas kids may not asked if they are legal residents of the United States. So Texas feeds them breakfast, lunch and gives free schooling with free books and supplies. There is also after school care for them. Free.
The news person narrating the story said that Texas estimated it was costing their taxpayers "More than a billion dollars a year".
I might have to start advocating that we get our troops out of Iraq (and let them have The Bomb) so we can use that money to give freebies to illegal aliens.


Dan Mega said...

We're getting taken advantage of in the worst kind of way.

Catmoves said...

I know big business has no morals when it comes to making money, but our own government? Disgusting in my opinion.