Saturday, July 14, 2007


Looks like this guy might have wished for more than he could handle.
It happens, quite often. We think we know what would satisfy us, make us happy, give us a boost "up".
Now, don't get me wrong. I sympathise with her having lost a son in Iraq.
I sympathize (with righteous indignation), with her when the President of the United States failed to show compassion toward her mental anguish. She is a distraught woman with a genuine complaint that Mr. President Bush should have shown more sympathy toward. But it seems he is not cut from the same stuff that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and many other presidents were. He simply refused to see her. Crass and unfeeling? Yes, indeed. Not the most intelligent and compassionate thing he could have done? You bet it wasn't.
But Ms. Sheehan is now threatening Nancy Pelosi. Threatening to run for Congress against her in order to start impeachment proceedings against the president and vice president.
Now, I have no way of knowing if Ms. Sheehan has had real political advice about her threat. After all, is an inexperienced housewife ready to take on such a responsibility? And how will she raise the money needed and who will guide her in a campaign? Not the Democratic Party. They have a sitting member of the House in that office. Who would write her speeches? What can she offer the voter other than a single issue?
If Ms. Pelosi knuckled under to Ms. Sheehan's demands to impeach Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney and they were forced out of office, then she would become president. Oh, my.
And just for the sake of argument, if Ms. Sheehan was successful, if she started an impeachment action against the two most powerful men in the U.S. and was successful who would become President?
Right. The Speaker of the House. And that would then not be Ms. Pelosi, nor Ms. Sheehan. It would be someone else from the Democratic Party. And it would happen after the presidential election.
As the genie said: "Be careful what you wish for. You might get it."
I would not wager any of your money, let alone my own, on Ms. Sheehan being elected. Surely she is smart enough to know this. So what's her point? Publicity? From the events surrounding the unhappy event of her son's death? I certainly hope not.
Motivation is a sometimes difficult path to analyze. I'll leave that for smarter heads. It's a tricky thing.
I do know that threatening a sitting politician can be a dangerous thing for any cause one espouses.
It is just that, although I am anti Geo. W. Bush and Dick Cheney (I don't know Dick), I'm not sure I would like Nancy Pelosi as President, not even for the remainder of this term.
The header links to a Republican web site. See? I can be balanced and objective. Maybe I should run.


Cuckoo said...

Ohh politics is a game which never interested me. Such a dirty game.

just me said...

I have to agree with this, in the fact that Nancy Sheehan is probably not qualified to run for political office. I completely understand her grief, her wanting someone, anyone to blame, her need for vengeance, her need for someone to say I'm sorry, it shouldn't have happened, but when all of that is said and done, her son will still be gone.

Cindy has been used by so many people, for so many different reasons, I kind of wish she would wake up and look around, and see that she has other children who need her. But, then I haven't walked in her shoes. Well, maybe I have. But, we each handle grief in our own way, and tragically, that is what this is about, not politics, not peace, but grief.

I do not want Cindy Sheehan as the next president. Nope, sorry, but I do not know her position on a great many issues. And she strikes me as a very tired woman.

I do commend her on her upcoming march on Washington, and might just join up with them in Richmond. That is of course if it is in fact a march to end the war.

Good post. I don't think a lot of people have taken the time to follow through like this.

alphonsedamoose said...

Cat: I'd vote for you except being a Canuck I can't vote. Go for it.

Lin said...

Run, Cat, run! You have more than your fair share common sense and integrity.
Head over to 'My Strange New Mexico' (I have him linked at my place) and see if you can measure up to Richardson's record-breaking glad-handing first. Be sure to read the comment section for a very interesting correction of facts, too.

Catmoves said...

I agree it is, cuckoo, but I also consider that if we don't make the pols responsible to us, whom do we have left to blame?

Catmoves said...

just me, another (and respected voice) with a succinct and thoughtful post. (Loved "Nancy Sheehan")
Sheehan is being manipulated, it seems. Let's hope someone she respects points it out to her.

Catmoves said...

lol moose. I am not a viable candidate. I despise oil company's greed (there goes tons of campaign money). I think the "media" is short memoried and bends over for big advertisers (there goes the free "ink"). Although I'm a registered Democrat, I find some of their planks offensive and not tenable (there goes party support).
I couldn't get elected as dog catcher.

Catmoves said...

lin, I'm on my way. Thank you.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Poor woman. Shame her grief is up for so much exploitation.

Catmoves said...

That's that politics thing again shrink. Most Americans believe she was an exploited pawn in a political manuever.