Monday, July 9, 2007


Oklahoma is saying no. And backing it up with teeth in their laws.

Seems the people are not happy with illegal aliens moving into their state and creating havoc and costing them mucho dinero. Their house, senate and Governor agree with them too. And they are telling the businesses there that the owners are reponsible for making sure that anyone working for them has not used illegal identification to get the job.

It's too bad that push has come to shove, but it's now time for all our states to enact similar laws. Something to the effect of "When, in the course of human events...."

The failure of Washington to protect its own people from this silent invasion has left the problem (and it is, really, a national problem) in our hands alone.

I think that one of the things that bothers me the most are the idiotic statements emanating from a part of the anatomy I'd rather not get involved with. It's being suggested that these Illegal aliens have some kind of rights under our laws. That seems to me to be saying that if I am guilty of breaking a law I have a right to have my guilt exonerated by someone's opinion. And made into something legal and sacrosanct.

What do you suppose Mexico would say if I murdered a citizen in Mexico? Would they grant me citizenship, freedom to do what I wanted to in their country and absolution from the crime?

Could I displace a Mexican worker? Would they give my kids free schooling (in English) and see to it that we got subsidized housing? And a pension? And food on our tables? Just because I had successfully crossed the border?

The point is this: the words acceptance and amnesty should never be used where crimes against a nation are committed. Not if we are to continue as a nation of laws, not men.

Lou Dobbs has a lot to say on this subject:

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