Saturday, February 3, 2007


Wow. According to our local morning newspaper, "Bloggers Gear Up For Bill's Campaign." Seems "the number of Internet-based groups" (their words, not mine) plugging our New Mexico Governator have "exploded." A little closer look identifies some as: "Brooklynites for Richardson," " Hill Country (Texas) for Richardson," "Illinois For Richardson" and "Northern Colorado For Richardson." According to a Washington state blogger, they had "25 groups before..we have close to 60 now." Well, goody. I didn't notice any rise in New Mexico's bloggers for Richardson. Maybe we're too close to the truth. Our Governator was born and raised in California. Believe me, New Mexico and California politics are very, very different. How? Well, among other things, New Mexico is a Democrat state. Has been for years. This past week the head of our Democrat Caucus resigned, stating that he was tired of the graft and corruption here. Back to Bill. He decided to fly off to a civil-warring African nation when the state was hit by the worst snow storm we have ever had. People without power, no heat, unable to to get to stores, cattle dying of starvation, highways and roads frozen over (our snow and ice removal equipment is inadequate for any storm) and the many other rigors of a state totally unprepared for a storm of this magnitude. Sounds familiar? (Remember, I didn't mention FEMA and New Orleans. Our problems were not comparable.) He has also seen to it that we have a railroad. From one small town to another small town. It will cost our state more than a million dollars a year. Just to keep it running. It will not pay for itself in the foreseeable future, either, according to various experts. Bill also disappeared when two state officials were indicted for dipping into the tax payer's funds. He went overseas then, too. One of them later confessed that both of them had done the same thing. More to come.

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