Thursday, February 1, 2007


I have been looking at a lot of people's problems with the Google blogger pages. Heck, I've got some myself. (Like sometimes getting the wrong type faces on the page, having problems with AdSense, etc., etc., to name a few.) So, in a sort of "click on everything" mode, much of my time has been spent trying to go through the pages and pages of information that is available. Thankfully, very little of it is written in the Micro$oft style (link after link after link to unintelligible descriptions. And just when you think you may the answer you want, dear ole Uncle Bill's crew throws a warning at you letting you know you will probably screw up your computer if you do what they suggest.) But as for Google blogspot, the answers are available for our problems. It's just that they are so darn hard to find. Seems you have to be good enough to outsmart the search engine. (And I love the Google search engine.) But it can be kind of dumb sometimes. For instance, if you're having problems with publishing, the key is not to rely on the "publish" button. That'll send you to an inexplicable page asking you to fill in some html. Not how to do it, just do it. It will also get artsy-craftsy by suggesting you add something or other to their suggestion. Hell's Bells, if I knew what html is and how to use it I probably wouldn't be on that page. I did however, find a freebie that teaches html. I hope I have a short learning curve. I also signed up to be notified with the pages where people write in with their problems. Now I get emails with several hundred problems daily. ("Be careful what you ask may get it.") I am also aware that Google hires genuises (genuisii?). Perhaps one of them could somehow organize the consistent problems into one click answers? We could also use a primer on how to use the task bar for the "create" page. The basic stuff would be helpful: like how to create headlines, choose a type face, spell check, add photos and so on.

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