Thursday, February 1, 2007


Our cable supplier here in Albuquerque is Comcast. They run ads for themselves on the nespaper principle: "If no one else will say good things about you, tell other how good you are." Well, Comcast doesn't have a lot people who wish them well. So using the idea just mentioned, they are running an ad about how "Comcast Cares." It shows different cartoon characters having lots of trouble with their houses. Then a Comcast truck shows up and the magical workers of Comcast fix up the houses. Well and good. I have spoken to various Comcast employees about their charitable projects. Yes, the workers do indeed help people in dire straits. They invest their time, effort and money into helping needy residents. Kudos and thank yous to them. However, I asked what Comcast contributes to their work. Blank stares meet my questions. So I asked if Comcast pays them for helping the poor and needy? No. Then I ask if Comcast gives them time off work to do their charitable actions? No. I ask if Comcast furnishes vans for the work? No. I ask if Comcast supplies gas for their personal vehicles. No. I ask if Comcast furnishes any supplies or tools for them? No. Comcast supplies them with nothing? Yes. Exactly. But Comcast, through the ads, implies they do.

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