Friday, February 2, 2007


So, the "scientists" have finally discovered what I (and many others) have been warning about for a long time. Man (mostly Yanks, BTW) has been screwing up his spaceship for years. We were told about the dangers of using aerosol cans back in the late 1960's.
We were warned about the poisonous and lethal gases being released by every mass-production manufacturing plant.
We were told about the unhealthy, high level of lead in our atmosphere from the gasoline we were using then.
We were told the humongous amounts of waste that we were creating was unnecessarily polluting our cities.
We were told that the new style of plastic wraps we began using would very likely never disintegrate. And anything locked inside it would not receive Mother Nature's blessing of being returned to the earth.
We were told that our automobiles could and would pollute our air even when they were just sitting parked in front of our houses.
We were unkindly told that Man was creating the destruction of animal species that, just perhaps, we might really need on this planet. The warnings were given. One had to remember them, for they were not remarked about one after another, but spread out over some years.
Yet our governments led us down the path of climate destruction by telling us how glad we should be that we were the most prosperous nation on earth and if we wanted to, we could damn well use up anything, in any amount. There would always be more.
They failed to tell us what the "more" would be. The few generalists who tried to warn about our coming problems, were shrugged off as malcontents and the "boys who cried wolf too many times".
Apparently, some people who wielded power and money decided to get rid of the lead that was poisoning us and create both non-lead based paints and unleaded gasoline. See, they pointed out, we do care. This, while they helped coal burning prosper and lowered the mileage that our cars and trucks achieved. They didn't make much of an attempt to get rid of aerosols, nor create packaging that would return itself to the earth. But they did make bigger earth moving machines in order to bury our plastic garbage. For eternity.
Many times in the past, I heard that some genius had invented a fantastic carburator or some kind of wonderful piece of equipment that would enable vehicles to use gasoline so efficiently that one would only have to fill their gas tank two or three times a year. Shortly thereafter a person, of dubious background, would begin selling some such contraption. Of course, they were frauds and the desired results never happened. See, the Auto and Oil companies said, it's all a lie. I accepted their version of the machinery. It never occurred to me, then, that perhaps, just perhaps, the Auto and Oil companies (yes, there are interlocking directorships there) had turned the real inventors into multimillonaires and that the marvelous creations were buried in vaults never to be seen again. But that speculation is beside the point, now.
Those of you with beach front property, anywhere in the world, need to make sure it is at least ten to twelve feet above the current high water level mark. If it isn't, sell it quickly.
Far be it from me to suggest that our very own Government (both the parties) would ever mislead its own citizens, but I can remember watching while black Americans rioted against injustices, in many cities, across the United States. After a while, when powerful people noted it was apparently not going to stop, the CIA (reportedly) began introducing drugs into black population concentrations in major cities. Riots are now so rare they could be compared to the Dodo bird. But we have "The War On Drugs" today.
I'm also old enough to note that the Vietnam War was originally the French Indo-China War. At least it was until the French had enough and told the US they were going to quit (not surprisingly). It became America's war to keep the ugly specter of Communism from overrunning the world. I didn't notice, after we pulled out, that the world was taken over by the Communists.
At one time, the American Public started to get nasty about the second rate cars being manufactured and the extremely ugly specter of petroleum pollution. Automobiles and Gasoline are staples of the GNP. A real attack on them could break some of our gross Federal spending habits and cause a downturn in the economy. Powerful, clever people came to the rescue again. Suddenly, the attack was switched to cigarette smoking as the cause of all our ills. They were even clever enough to talk the AMA into siding with their warfare. Tobacco became an issue. We could forget about our cars and trucks polluting. The evil monster was smoking. The result was shaped statistics and misleading statements.
Although smoking apparently can (and probably does) lead to some cancers, it is not just the one factor that causes it. And it probably helps create emphysema problems. But I have also noticed that none of the big tobacco companies have declared bankruptcy. In fact, I wonder if big tobacco isn't manufacturing (or at least acting as a partner) in some of the various products that aid in stopping smoking. A buck is a buck.

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