Sunday, March 25, 2007


Our Governator is upset. Looks like the state Senate is in the attack mode. He's fuming and fussing something terrible. After all, he went to the trouble of calling them back to the Capitol so they could pass some bills he believes would help his Prez run. They've managed to stall him yet again. He must have cut some pork barrel goodies out of the state budget. Maybe they'll fix them for him manana. But it isn't likely. Pretty soon they may try a filibuster. Wouldn't that look good for a guy who wants to be Prez?New Mexico is not exactly a state with a ton of electoral votes, after all. If he can't get the legislature of our cowboys to accede to his wishes, why should he think he can get more sophisticated federal Congress people (I really hate "politically correct" words [why use them, then?-Ed.]) to agree with his policies? There's a warning here. He's no FDR. He's not even a communicator like Reagan. And he definitely is not a Kennedy (he doesn't drink, I've been told). He does, however, have a talent for raising money for politicians. Maybe he's trying for the wrong job.

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