Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Some things just make you want to stick your tongue out. This "stick out" is for our state Senators. New Mexico has a three felony criminal enhancement penalty for certain crimes. Not all crimes.
Apparently, a man who has been involved in three murders (he spent a total of fifteen years in jail for them) was out on parole and has just shot and killed three more people.
He's some kind of gang leader and our sheriff warned that he was extremely dangerous and would kill again if he were released. Our state Senators had a bill, approved by the House, on their agenda that would have added his type of crime to the enhancement penalty. All it needed was for the Senate to vote on it. They wanted to go home on schedule, so nothing happened to it. No discussion. No vote. No action. So he had the opportunity and the will to kill again. He did.
It just seems strange to me that the honorable Senators had time to worry about Albuquerque's red light and speeding cameras, but couldn't find the time to protect the law abiding citizens of this state.
Don't forget, these are the same Senators who have steadfastly refused to take any action on anything, even though our Governator, Bill Richardson, called them back for an extra session.
For my part, I find them culpable in this event.

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Shrink wrapped scream said...

Wish I could say it doesn't happen here, but sadly, it does all the time. Lack of financial resources, and giving a damn, releases those of whom we wouldn't wish to meet in our worst of nightmares, out in to the street every day.