Friday, March 30, 2007


Bill Richardson was a guest on the Colbert Report on the Comedy Channel the other day. Jon Stewart, the host of the show, is well known for his straight faced put ons of pompous personalities. He had a ball with the Governator. Bill said things he should have thought about before he answered, but, like many politicians, he didn't. In fact, he was like a whale sounding. Straight down to the lower depths. Bill made a point about his "qualifications". Both of them. He's qualified, he said, because he's got foreign policy experience. He also pointed out that he had national security experience. The meat was on the table and Jon remarked: "You negotiated with Sadam Hussein, you negotiated with the Taliban, you negotiated with North Korea. Those worked out very well for us." Then Bill Richardson also remarked that we had to have better schools (New Mexico ranks very high in number of drop outs). And he said he wanted to help the middle class. New Mexico is losing its middle class so fast you can almost hear them passing out of existence. Now, other than in the Colbert Report, Bill has come up with "solutions" for the fact that illegal immigrants need to be stopped. Here's a few of his ideas:
  • "Most undocumented immigrants come to the United States to work low-wage jobs which few Americans want, such as picking crops or cleaning toilets. Our economy creates demand for at least 400,000 new low-skill illegal immigrants per year, but only about 140,000 are allowed to enter legally." That seems to be a Congressionally mandated number. Our forefathers did not want the county's economy destroyed by horrendous floods of immigrants. Wise men.
  • "Yes, we are talking about people who knowingly have broken the law. And they should be held accountable, like all lawbreakers. But we also are talking about people who are economic refugees, and who contribute significantly to America's economic success and to the economic and political stability of their home countries -- with the billions in remittances they send home to their families every year." Ah, I see. We should forgive those who have knowingly broken the law. I suspect that can be expanded to murders, child molesters, drunk drivers, etc., etc. After all, he states that the illegal aliens contribute significantly to our economic success -- by sending billions of American dollars "home" to their families.
  • "Al Qaeda took decades to find a way to hit America hard and terrorists are still out there, probing, plotting, and preparing for their next attack. I know that full well from my diplomatic experience. If there's a way for them to get into this country and attack us again they will find it. We need to stop them, and border security is essential to doing so." Of course we all realize that terrorists wouldn't be smart enough to infiltrate or follow the illegals entering America.
  • "This is what we should do: immediately put enough National Guard troops at the border to keep it covered until we can secure it with Border Patrol officers. That should take no longer than three years. If it takes another year, let's do it." It seems to me that I've heard about short term "policing" somewhere else. Where was that?
  • "Under present conditions, the Mexicans just don't have enough incentive to give us the help we need at the border. Mexico needs to do more to stem the flow. But if we create a reasonable guest worker program and provide a path to legalization for illegal immigrants already here -- there is every reason to expect Mexico to do its part to create more jobs in Mexico and to help us with border security." Oh My God. How stupid I am. We just have to surrender to the illegals, and take the word of the Mexican President, who is closely allied with Venezula's President, that he will do his part. We buy oil from Mexico (at horrble prices and send them millions of dollars regularly. President Calderon has already made it plain that he hates America. And consider that Bill wants to create a path to legalizing the illegal. Does that include shooting and maiming American citizens Bill?
  • "As suggested by Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a leader on immigration issues, we should implement a system of "informant visas" and cash rewards for aliens who provide law enforcement with information on human traffickers and document forgers." There's a beauty. New Mexico is a beehive of document forgery. And we should also pay illegals for turning on their jackals. While they have family and friends living in gang ridden Mexico. Who will probably want to use jackals to get into the States. Something about this screams that it has not been thought out to a logical conclusion.

I understand there is a place in Washington called "Foggy Bottom". So there is a place in the capitol for you Bill. Somewhere near the White House, I think.

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