Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Our illustrious newspaper, The Albuquerque Journal, has a big photo story on the front page today (3/28/07) purporting to show a "heroine" who supposedly "saved" a newborn in the University Hospital parking lot.
According to a source at the hospital, it ain't true. The woman who is credited with this life saving act, really didn't do anything except find a security officer. The security officer, reacting automatically, radioed into the emergency room, alerting the staff to the situation. The "heroin" was in a state of panic asking what to do. The officer instructed her to use a blanket from the back seat of the car and wrap the baby in it. The officer then turned to the birth mother to see how she was doing. The mother, worn out from the strain of birth, needed to be seated. The security officer saw to that and then returned to the newborn who gave the sign that everyone wants to hear. The baby cried.
Now, the only thing I can think of to explain the actions of the hospital administration (in proclaiming what was basically an onlooker as a "heroine") is that they wanted to play politics and make people feel more secure than they are at University Hospital. Maybe it will help them get more money from our state legislators. Maybe they thought that if it was a security officer who was the heroine, it would reflect badly on their staff. (The "heroine" was too busy carrying on and wringing her hands to be of much use.) The security oficer, who has been trained to handle situations such as this said the actions taken were "almost automatic".
In my opinion, the true story needs to be told and the real heroine needs to be honored.
Shame on you, University Hospital. Shame on you, Albuquerque Journal.

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