Thursday, March 29, 2007


The Bush Administration, the One Worlders, the NeoCons, the Military, the Religious Right, a number of other groups really had no idea what we, the American Public, wanted to happen in Iraq.
We did not want what we got. We did not want a dragged out, let's not try to hurt anyone, slow moving, profit making, our tax money spent to fatten corporations war, nor what seems to be becoming an eternal war.
WE WANTED REVENGE. Plain and simple, we wanted these half smart assassins to pay a price that would preclude any further need for our military intervention anywhere in the world. We wanted them to understand that any further acts of terrorism would bring only death, destruction and horror to any country that dared to challenge us. We didn't want incompetent "leadership", nor half baked generals who had to consider what was best for the Industrial Complex, our tax money being thrown down a bottomless pit, our soldiers being maimed and killed because of inadequate and incompetent planning. Simply put, we wanted the results of World War II on a smaller scale.
What we got was another Vietnam, another Korea. But on a much larger scale. Yes, there have been fewer men killed and wounded than in those wars, but we are also fighting a much smaller and more confined war.
The Republicans didn't get it right. Now, the Democrats aren't getting it right. "Surge" isn't the answer. Withdrawal isn't the answer. The only answer that will regain American's trust in their government is all out warfare. A very good general once said that "the purpose of armies is to smash, destroy and bring the enemy to their knees."
I may not be Jewish but it seems to me the Israelis have the answer that will solve our crisis. It seems to work like this: For every weapon you fire at us, we will fire a hundred at you. There will be no mercy. If you hide in populated areas we will retaliate far beyond your capabilities. If you do not hide, the results will be devastating.
It's time, sir. It is time.

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